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Welcome to Higher Health, where we bring forth the newest innovations that assist the body in self-healing.

We see that humanity is always unfolding, while the Universe continuously expands into Peace and Harmony.

Yet, on this plane of duality we are surrounded by stimuli that create a contracted state of Being if entertained without awareness of how to remain neutral.  Phones, computers, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters that create EMF, microwave energies and other dissonant
vibrations affect our well-being continuously.

Just as our bodies are externally stimulated into contraction, they are similarly affected internally by challenging foods or mental pressure.
Both are stressors, which can put the adrenals into overdrive, leaving you drained or out of balance.

As there are technologies that create discordance, there are tools that assist us in maintaining Harmony.
This is the balancing intelligence of the Universe.

Whether with technological products, internal techniques or otherwise, we commit to serve as best we can.

You can learn how to maintain a center of balance with StillPoint techniques we offer.
Use our Lasers that stimulate cell growth while inducing Scalar energy to promote an “Unwinding,” stress-relieving state.
Place our Qi-Fi (Quantum field Inducer) in a room to clear electrical stimuli and promote a peaceful healing environment.

The success we have had with the only patented Scalar Lasers and other tools we offer has been unprecedented.
Please watch the video below, learn a little, inquire within and if inclined, inquire without to give us a call.